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About Flower Essences

Throughout history, great healers believed that good health was a result of emotional, spiritual and mental harmony, and that when they treated their patients’ emotional imbalances their diseases were cured. This is how the flower essences work.

Flower essences are not new – they have been used for thousands of years to heal emotional imbalances and physical injuries. They are not therapeutic drugs - they are solutions of brandy and spring water that have been imprinted with a flower’s healing signature. They are perfectly safe for use by people of all ages, and also by animals.

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Flower essences were ‘rediscovered’ by Dr Edward Bach, an English Harley Street doctor in the 1920s – he recognised that behind most physical conditions there is an emotional cause, and through the use of flower essences he found a way of helping his patients to address the emotions behind their illness. He developed a range of essences which are still used widely today. Many people today rely on Bach’s Rescue Remedy at times of stress or anxiety – it’s not called ‘yoga in a bottle’ for nothing!

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Today, there are many different ‘brands’ of flower essences, including the Australian Bush Flower Essences, which are made from flowers that grow in the Australian Bush! These 69 essences are incredibly fast acting, and can be catalysts for some amazing changes. Cathy has undergone extensive practitioner training in the Australian Bush Flower Essences with Ian White (pictured right), founder of ABFE, and keeps up-to-date with new developments. Click here to visit the Australian Bush Flower Essence website - their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is particularly informative. Cathy is also a Practitioner Member of the BFVEA (British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association).

A flower essence consultation can be face-to-face with the practitioner, or by phone or e-mail, and your bottle of essences can be posted (a small P+P charge will apply) or collected from her practice. Cathy only uses dropper bottles with 'tamper-evident' seals to ensure that your essences reach you in pristine condition.

As well as the 69 individual essences, ABFE has formulated a range of 17 flower essence combinations for use by the whole family - these can be mixed up by your practitioner. Cathy also carries a small stock of the wonderful ABFE creams, which are available to purchase.

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Are Flower Essences safe to take?

They are completely natural, and are perfectly safe to take. They self-adjust to the needs of the individual taking them, so you cannot overdose on them. Occasionally the person taking the essences may experience an increase in the intensity of the symptoms for which the essence is being taken – this is part of the healing process and will pass in a day or two.

If you prefer not to use brandy as a preservative in your essence, there are alternative methods of preparing them – please talk to your practitioner.

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What clients (and their owners!) have said about Flower Essences ...

"Since having the Australian Bush Flower Essences I have noticed that Tuppence's coat has improved and is now sleek and shiny. She enjoys her walks albeit short she is afterall 13 1/2 (vet says past her sell by date!!!). Life is so much more fun and interesting again. She also has started again to jump up onto her bed also running on occasions, something she had not done for a while. Thrilled is not the word - I am delighted with her improvement for such an old lady." (Tuppence is a retired Guide Dog). Sue, Maidenhead.

"My consultation with Cathy was very professionally conducted in a very relaxed way. I did notice a shift in my whole emotional state. Since stopping I generally remain calm ... more balanced. The essences made me feel that I was doing something to help myself from inside to out. The Emergency Essence continues to help me at all different times. Thank you Cathy for your unconditional care and help." G, Marlow

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