Links #01
Association of Reflexologists The AoR is the largest Reflexology body in the world. It is a member of the Reflexology Forum and strives to achieve high standards of Reflexology practice worldwide to the benefit and for the protection of the general public. To visit the AoR website click here.

Links #02
EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique To find out more about this gentle and deep-reaching technique, visit the founder of EFT's website where there is a wealth of information and Case Studies. To visit Gary Craig's website click here.

Links #03
Australian Bush Flower Essences This is a range of 69 flower essences made from flowers which grow in the Australian Bush. They are tools for transformation and catalysts for change, and are completely natural and safe to take. To visit the Australian Bush Flower Essence website click here.

Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) VRT is a revolutionary approach to treating common ailments which was devised by Lynne Booth. It works on the top of the feet while the client is standing, and it provides deeper access to reflex points. The VRT treatment is quicker and more effective than conventional reflexology, and is used to enhance and complement the client's treatment. To visit the VRT website click here.

Links #04
Advanced Reflexology Techniques (ART) ART Techniques give a much deeper and more effective and therapeutic Reflexology treatment, without going beyond the client's tolerance. ART techniques are the result of many years of clinical experience and development that have shown proven clinical results. Visit the ART website to learn more about Anthony Porter and the ART techniques. To visit this website click here.

British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association (BFVEA) The aim of the BFVEA is to raise interest in and awareness of flower and vibrational essences in the UK and overseas, and also to provide guidelines, set standards and accredit courses for training essence practitioners. To visit their website please click here.
Links #05
MAP Foundation My thanks to the MAP Foundation for their permission to use quotations and images from ‘The Emotional Cancer Journey’ by Michele Angelo Petrone. Michele (who died in 2007) was a professional artist, who, following his diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Disease painted and wrote this book. He toured nationally and internationally giving workshops and presentations on the emotional issues of illness. His book is widely used by health organisations and medical institutions in education. I was fortunate enough to meet Michele in 2004 – he was an amazing and inspirational man. To visit the MAP Foundation website click here.
Links #06
Marina Raye Many clients ask about the beautiful, relaxing music that is played during their treatments. Visit this website to find out more about Marina Raye and her native american flute. Cathy carries a small stock of these cds which are for sale. To visit this website click here.

Links #07
The Samaritans' : Feelgood Friday Cathy was proud to support The Samaritans' Feel Good Friday on 3rd February 2012 by donating a percentage of all treatments given during w/c 30th January to this very worthwhile cause. For more information please click here to visit The Samaritan's website.
Links #08
Alison Knox, EVeRYDaY ANGeLS Divinely Inspired Artworks Alison is a very gifted artist, who painted the beautiful heart which is on my EFT page and on the wall in my treatment room. To visit her website, and to view more of her artwork click here. This is the website for the lovely guided meditations that can be used with with pregnant clients during their treatments. To visit this website click here. This website contains lots of useful information about a healthy lifestyle and complementary therapies. Why not sign up for their newsletter? To visit this website click here. This site includes useful information about common foot problems, treatments and how to keep your feet in the best possible condition. To visit this website click here. This website contains lots of useful information about a healthy lifestyle and complementary therapies. To visit this website click here.

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