What clients have said ....

"Cathy has supported and assisted us with our many Pamper Mornings offering her reflexology expertise. Her treatments for our Carers and People with Dementia have always been appreciated and enjoyed, leaving them with a true sense of well-being."
Terrie Hall, Alzheimer's Society, Maidenhead

"I decided to have Reflexology due to digestive concerns I had been suffering over a period of time, I found Cathy by chance through the internet. Cathy is a lovely caring person who I would recommend to everyone for Reflexology, even after the first session my digestive system had already started to improve. I decided to do a short course of treatments to really help balance out my body, followed by monthly sessions to maintain the results and general well-being. Many thanks Cathy."
Melissa, Slough

"When I first met Cathy, I was experiencing a great deal of stress and anxiety following a number of personal traumatic events. From my very first session with Cathy, I felt very much at ease and found it easy to talk to her about my personal experiences, given her very caring and understanding nature. I immediately started feeling the benefits of the reflexology and found that over a couple of months I was able to start looking at things more positively and become less anxious in myself. My friends and family also noticed the difference that the sesions were making. I would wholeheartedly recommend Cathy!"
Angela, Maidenhead

"During my pregnancy, I was full of anxiety and decided to have Reflexology to help me try to stay calm and relaxed. I was recommeded to see Cathy by my friend as she was also being treated through her pregnancy, and found her to be professional, caring and calming. When I met Cathy I did also feel a very calming effect, and I relaxed and enjoyed the treatment more than I thought I would. I felt great and couldn't wait for the next treatment! I really fell Reflexology was a major part in keeping me in a calm, positve state, however I strongly feel it is mainly due to Cathy and her knowledge and techniques. I will continue treatments in the future, and do not hesitate recommending anyone to her"
Donna, Maidenhead

"Cathy, Thank You so much for all the ways you have helped me to change my life, and get me moving in the right direction. I have found confidence I never knew I had."
Matt, Windsor

"I’ve recently discovered reflexology and have recommended it to so many people since. Cathy’s approach is very professional and informative, and she always takes the time to share thoughts and theories during our time together. I always learn something new! When I found Cathy I was feeling tense and stressed out, and in just a couple of sessions I felt the pressure begin to lift. My visits leave me feeling positive and raring to go - the difference I feel in myself has amazed me."
Rachel, Maidenhead

"After suffering with a bad back, unhealthy lifestyle and stressful job I was looking for a reflexologist who could relieve my stress and also help me on track to be more positive. Cathy, not only provided the best stress reliever with the reflexology, but is also a great listener who helped me focus my life and improve my well being. I can't imagine life without her now!"
Diane, Maidenhead

"Cathy has provided an invaluable service to our service users at our substance misuse service. They value the time and attention that she gives to them. Cathy's reflexology and EFT treatments are well sought after and she is a great asset to our service. Many thanks Cathy for your dedication and hard work"
KH, Project Worker, Turning Point (T2) Maidenhead

"My hour with Cathy is my chance to relax and escape the stresses of being a working mother. Once I sit in the chair my troubles start to melt away, indeed I sometimes doze off during the treatment! If I’m not feeling overly sleepy then Cathy will happily listen to the trials and tribulations of my life while working her magic on my feet. Cathy is friendly, professional, caring and highly skilled and I would recommend her to anyone thinking of trying Reflexology."
Charlotte, Windsor

"Reflexology with Cathy has been so beneficial during my pregnancy. Having a busy life and stressful job it has allowed me to take time out, relax and feel a connection with my baby. I look forward to every session knowing I will feel revitalised afterwards. Cathy has also helped with the inevitable side affects of pregnancy such as digestive problems, but I think it’s also helped my emotional balance – my husband says thank you!"
Holly, Bourne End

"I have been going to see Cathy for Reflexology for over a year now and can highly recommend her. Cathy has a calming and caring aura about her and this comes through in her treatments. You can talk to her about anything in the knowledge that she won't judge you or tell anyone else. Sometimes after a treatment I feel relaxed and sleepy but most of the time I go home feeling uplifted and full of confidence which lasts for a few days. She also is continually learning new techniques to her treatments which is important to know in a professional therapist. If you are looking for a Reflexologist you need look no further."
Lorraine, Windsor

"I can honestly say I would recommend you (Cathy) to anyone who wishes to try reflexology for the first time, or for people who had had previous treatments. It is a thoroughly professional service but offered with warmth and individuality. You’re (Cathy) a wonderful welcoming, sociable person who makes the whole treatment feels special and suited to the individual. The benefits have been for me immediate as well as ongoing. I have had numerous home treatments and have loved every second … and my mother is a reflexologist so I know what I like and I’m usually hard to please! I will continue to keep coming back for more. Thank you."
Aimee, Marlow

"Cathy ... was totally professional with a lovely caring nature. The treatment that I received was explained to me step by step ... so I could thoroughly understand what was happening. I feel so balanced and revitalised after each treatment. I cannot recommend Cathy highly enough. Its been a an absolute treat to have such a caring professional person make me better."
Sarah, Littlewick Green

"The reflexology treatment that I had made me feel really relaxed, and I slept well and felt a lot better afterwards."
Eleanor (age 11), Maidenhead

"Cathy has been working in the Sunrise Cancer Unit at Wycombe Hospital since March 2004. Cathy has provided a regular service to our cancer patients and has proved to be most reliable, extremely honest and professional at all times. She is a real asset to our team of Complementary Therapists, and the patients greatly appreciate the service that Cathy offers to them."
JL, Lead Cancer Manager, Wycombe Hospital

"I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed my Reflexology treatment - it was so relaxing, and I had the best night's seep in ages! I shall be recommending you to all my 'stressed' friends!"
Gillian, Maidenhead

"I have had many reflexology sessions in the past 10 years with several different professionals and Cathy was easily one of the best. I went through an intense diet/colonics/detox month and her caring skilled hands greatly helped me overcome many of the usual detox symptoms. Thanks so much for your heavenly work!"
IP, Maidenhead

"I feel great warmth and healing from Cathy's hands and look forward to many more meetings as I know that it benefits me hugely."
Sue, High Wycombe

"Cathy has continued to give my Partners first class service for the past two years. I admire her enthusiasm and flexibility, always upholding a professional stance. She has contributed to the wellbeing of many of the Partners here at John Lewis. Well done, and thank you always."
Tracey Sutton, SEO, John Lewis Partnership
Park Royal and Windsor Branches

"I don't think I have enjoyed anything so much as Cathy 'doing' my feet. I feel very relaxed after each session and will be back for more. If I could, I would let Cathy see my feet every week! I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone"
Denise, Maidenhead

"I was very stressed over my SATs exams last year, and turned to Cathy and reflexology for help. After I had the treatment I was very relaxed and less stressed. I had several sessions with Cathy and believe that my SATs results would not have been as good as they were without her help. I would recommend reflexology to anyone who is worried about their exams, it really helped me."
Robyn (age 15), Maidenhead

"I have been very sceptical about alternative therapy treatments as I have tried several other forms for (daughter) Christine's allergies, asthma and eczema but they have not been very successful. Christine benefited from your treatments - she was much calmer after each reflexology session and her asthma has been well controlled. However, the biggest benefit was in the condition of her skin. The more relaxed she is, the better her skin becomes and both the Indian Head Massages and reflexology sessions did her the world of good.
I was pleasantly surprised by the effects the reflexology treatments had on my wellbeing, and your sessions certainly helped with my PMT and menstruation problems. A very pleasant bonus was the fact that I was completely de-stressed for several days after each session - a relief to me and also the rest of the family!
I would recommend you to my friends and family as well as anyone else who would like a treatment."
Liz, Cookham

"Cathy has been coming into our workplace on a monthly basis for over a year now, offering reflexology to all Partners who work here. This is seen as a huge treat to have something so relaxing and beneficial being 'delivered to our door'.
Cathy always makes us feel special during the time that we are with her, she helps to transport us to a place that feels a million miles away from the stress of the workplace, so that we can return feeling totally rejuvinated and raring to go again.
I would recommend it to any Company."
Hilary Spiers, John Lewis Partnership
The Odney Club

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